Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My triumphant and resigned return to blogging

I recently contributed this to an online discussion board, and it seemed an appropriate platform for my re-entrance into the world of blog. Hope you're ready for an onslaught of SONIA!! stay tuned for more of my feelingzz...

in response to an article about setting out to accomplish your dreams...

Why do dream stories always begin with the working class father and mother who dream of riches, success, and fame for their children? Oh right, America.

Not to be overly cynical, but I feel right now that at this point in my life, I'm kind of over dreams. I'm a senior now, and all I get is, "So what are you gonna do when you graduate?!" or "Tell me about your goals!" Like, enough. I have infinite envy at this point for drifters, hitch hikers, and traveling sideshow men at this point. Individuals that are free from the responsibility of rent, utilities, medical insurance, relationships, completely immersed in the present. And all the while I fantasize about their freedom, I know I could never, ever live like that, so absolutely unguided and spontaneous. I need structure, rules, commitments. I'm well on my way to my own American success story: daughter of a self-employed carpenter and public high school teacher from a small, rural upstate NY town travels to the big city for college and a bright future. So far so good. So long as I'm happy. Fulfilled. There's a dream. Why can't we seem to think that simply anymore?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bowery Mission casts its net

I think this van has uncovered Jesus' true mission from the heavens. That would be saving the souls of sea kittens.

Mary Lorson

Sooo at the request of my sister Cara, I ventured to the Living Room on Ludlow this Saturday night, with my dad in tow. Who was I there to see? Mary Lorson, who happens to be my Cara's English teacher at Cascadilla. It was, in one word, delightful. In two, absolutely delightful. She's a beautiful singer, songwriter, and performer. She's who jenny lewis should want to grow up to be. Damn my sister's lucky.

check her out at: www.myspace.com/marylorson

Saturday, February 21, 2009

East Village Eats & Treats

Manhattan's East Village is home to a eclectic collection of trendy, cheap, and yummy munchies. From fastfood sushi at Teriyaki Boy to noodle bars like Momofuku, and of course ice cream and frozen yogurt, there are dishes to satisfy even the most picky persons. We stopped by 3 local haunts that are good anytime:day or (especially) night.

Pommes Frites serves up fresh belgian cut fries during the day and well into the night for hungry bar-hoppers. Walking into the amazing smell of fried potatoes and then facing the daunting task of deciding on a sauce for your pommes is a challenge for any food lover. We found it especially hard to leave the hole in the wall shop and step back onto 2nd Ave.

Dumpling man is a modern take on a traditional Chinese treat. The assembly line production is viewable to all the customers as they wait for their choice of dumplings that are filled with pork, chicken, shrimp, tofu, or even pumpkin. T-shirts, buttons, bags of frozen dumplings, and even underwear are available for loyal customers that want to take the adorable dumpling man mascot home with them.

The dumplings come steamed or fried. The steamed ones are especially doughy and chewy!

On our way home we passed 16 Handles, a newcomer to the frozen yogurt craze that pinkberry and Red Mango have capitalized on. We found it a little too cold for anything frozen, and instead opted for classic vanilla cream puffs from Beard Papa, just west of Astor Place on Broadway. Fresh, light, creamy, and surrounded by a delicious pastry shell. Beard Papa is what all cream puffs want to be when they grow up.

Stay Hungry!

Monday, February 2, 2009


For those of you who have heard my horrible renditions of one of my favorite stories from this american life, an act from the super, then you'll appreciate this almost as much as i did. it's the simple things in life really. 

*sigh, this is priceless

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping House

I started my internship in housekeeping on Friday at the Doubletree Times Square. Both Friday AND Saturday I managed to pull myself out of bed at 7AM and make it up to the hotel by 8AM. Mazeltov Sonia. So far, I'm learning a butt-load of stuff, from how to make a bed military style, to what to check for in a room, how to annoy customer care, how to keep up with floor manager maria, to where to find creamer for the coffee machine in the team lounge. It may not the the Plaza, but for now and for me, it's a perfect fit (just like the towels I have learned to fold into shapes that hold other decorative towels).